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Reliable, Easy & Discreet: Genuine Vape Pen products are the Top Shelf Choice for the herbal connoisseurs of today.

Vape-Pen™ DELIVERS NATURE'S HEALING HERBS in a smokeless, odorless form that is rapidly absorbed and it makes vaporizing EASY! Get the benefits of vapor inhalation without the harmful effects of combustion.

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Announcing our Newest product: THE DABBLER

The Dabbler is an electronic dabbing device that is portable, rechargeable and so easy to use you will never need another device! Why juggle dangerous red-hot torches, bowls, nails and domes when you can do the same thing with one small cigar-shaped device?

It's so much easier and more discreet than the traditional dab methods. Even if a full-on dab is your favorite way to medicate, The Dabbler will still help you out in all the situations where you can't or don't want to set up your tools. It is a clean alternative and will give you the hit you want over and over again. Never crack your dome again!

Best of all, The Dabbler helps you avoid the utter embarrassment and frustration of over-medicating by inhaling your aromatherapy vapor a little slower. But don't worry, it can handle the equivalent of a full size dab, so you will can get the big hit you need too.

Easy : Hands down the SIMPLEST and SAFEST way to dab; No torch or exposed red-hot metal needed!

Saves You Money : Make your aromatherapy oil last longer by sipping it slowly with The Dabbler. Less waste means more oil left in your bottle for next time.

Keeps You Safe : Prevents over-medicating AND under-medicating because YOU control how much heat is applied; Banish coughing fits and burned throats forever while still maintaining your optimum herbal dosage!

Avoid Embarrassment : Inhale your aromatherapy vapor slower than a regular dab and you will avoid the frustration of over-medicating inadvertently. If you need more, simply continue to use The Dabbler until you have reached your optimum levels.

Versatile : Compatible with any herbal concentrate.; No need for special formulas or cartridges! Find just the right dosage with confidence and keep it there easily and discreetly ALL DAY with The Dabbler

Tastes Good : We use a thick gauge Inconel wire which is the absolute best material for the heater and will not outgas harmful metal fumes. The bowl is made of the highest grade white ceramic which is inert, durable and efficient.

Never Too Hot : Our advanced microprocessor is specifically programmed for the optimum temperature for herbal concentrate vaporization; This will preserve the original flavor complex of your oils as well as the potency and efficacy of the vapor itself.

Holds it's Temperature : When you blow on the red-hot coil of a genuine Dabbler, you will notice the wire will stay red-hot. Imitation products will immediately cool off and loose the red color, even when the battery is operating at full capacity.

Discreet : So compact it can practically disappear in your hand, pocket or purse and can be used virtually anywhere without disturbing others.

Portable and Powerful : No cords means you can take it with you everywhere; Go all day (or even more) on ONLY ONE charge! It will last about 200-400 puffs on a full charge (depending on operating conditions).

Only the Highest Grade : We have made a firm commitment to using only the best materials in production; We use real stainless steel, never aluminum; We use real gold-plated fittings, never brass; We use Inconel wire for the heater, never "mystery metals" We use the best kiln-fired ceramics for the bowl, never processed ceramic powders.

Environmentally Responsible : High capacity lithium-ion battery is rechargeable for approx. 200 times and then can be recycled, which means less waste in the landfill.

Won't Overheat : Battery protection circuitry prevents unit from operating longer than 10 seconds so you can be assured of optimum safety and reliability.

Fastest heating and recovery : It takes only 3 seconds for the heater to reach operating temperature and only 2 seconds for the battery to recover and be ready for the next use.

Stays Off when Needed : To avoid the heater from accidentally being turned on, simply push the button 6 times fast to activate the push-button lock-out feature. When you are ready to use the unit again, push the button 6 times fast to deactivate the feature. You will see a LED light shine in the button indicating when the heater is operating.

Can't Lose Charger : The charger is built into the battery component so it's impossible to loose, PLUS you can simultaneously charge the battery and use the heater with the pass-through function that has been included in the design.

Guaranteed Quality : We have instituted a " Test Three Times" policy to be sure every unit operates properly. Every part of the Dabbler Kit is tested three times before it leaves our production facility. We guarantee our products to be free from defects so you have the tools you need, at the quality you require. (Please see our website for details and remember The Dabbler is an electronic device that requires special care like any other electronic item.)

Experience the EASIEST & SMOOTHEST dabbing experience ever!

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