Heavy Hitter Kit


   1 Heavy Hitter

   1 End Cap

   1 mini-USB cable (charger is built into unit)

   1 custom carrying case (holds 2 Cartomizers)

   1 Herbal Cartomizer (ENERGY)

   1 owners manual

*Find Out More About The Heavy Hitter ...

This brand-new product is designed to be compatible with the Liquid Herb Cartomizers but it has one huge difference from all our other Vape-Pens: it has 3X times the battery capacity, making it last 3X times longer!

There is no seperate charger: it is built into the unit and connected by a mini-USB cable, which is included.

This unit contains the battery and microprocessor, and has a dual-use feature which includes both the "pass through function", and the rechargeable state-of-the-art 650 milliamp lithium ion battery.

The pass-through function means you can operate the unit without worry even while it is plugged in and charging. This is a unique feature that is hard to find.

The Heavy Hitter uses the same Liquid Herb Cartomizers as does the Personal Herbal Device (PHD). There are eigth (8) unique Liquid Herb formulas to choose.

Heavy users will not be disappointed with the Heavy Hitter!